Nick Little, Owner and President

Since 2009

Nick handles projects, oversees help desk and day to day operations, while still finding time to make site visits.  He is responsible for a lot of the backend work to make our clients’ lives easier, and helps Insight stay productive and efficient.  In his free time, he likes to exercise and hang out with family, and he despises raw onions.  Nick lives in New Market MD with his wife and daughter. He is a proud graduate of UMBC’s Computer Information Systems program.

Luke Decker, Project leader and Help desk

Since 2016

Luke is our longest serving team member and has been with us through our growing stages to reach where we are today. He serves in a number of roles, from account management and acquisition to front line tech support. With a BA in Economics from Flagler College, Luke has a knack for problem solving and improving efficiency that makes him an integral part of the Insight Team. If you have a tough problem, Luke has a solution.

Quentin Williams, Automation and Help desk

Since 2018

Quentin graduated from UMBC in 2018, joining the team later that year. He is always answering the phone to help out our clients and keep their devices working and efficient. When not handling help desk, he is working on projects and automation to make our great tools even greater. Outside of work, he is hiking, working on writing, and wrangling his two pet rabbits. Quentin Lives in Columbia MD.

Desiree Carey, Accounting and Customer liaison

Since 2019

Desiree handles most administrative duties around the office in order to help us be more available to you. Desiree handles general office management, accounting and invoicing, as well as answering the phone on occasion. In her spare time, she loves to watch college football and be outdoors with her husband and dogs.

Aaron Decker,  Founder

Since 2008

Aaron started Insight in his senior year at Towson University in 2008.  He currently lives in Carroll County.

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